Oysters, Tatamagouche


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Farm Raised East Coast Oysters

Available Year-Round


Where – Tatamagouche Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

How – Farm Raised


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Tatamagouche Oysters are tender and salty with a more mild flavor. Their medium size makes them a good choice for your raw bar.

For Your Menu

Enjoy these oysters raw – add them to your raw bar or seafood platter. Or, try tossing them on the grill and serving them warm with a bit of compound butter…

For Your Waitstaff

“Tatamagouche” is just fun to say…  did you know it comes from  the Mi’kmaq word for “meeting of the waters” (Tatamagouche Bay is formed by the mouths of the French and Waugh rivers).

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget the lemons, limes and cocktail sauce – these colorful items can brighten up an oyster display.