Swordfish (Harpoon Caught)


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Local swordfish carefully harvested with harpoons.

Sporadic availability


Where: California

How: Harpoon: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch: Harpooning is a traditional method for catching large fish—and it’s still used today by skilled fishermen. When a harpooner spots a fish, he thrusts or shoots a long aluminum or wooden harpoon into the animal and hauls it aboard. Harpooners catch large, pelagic predators such as bluefin tuna and swordfish. Harpooning is an environmentally responsible fishing method. Bycatch of unwanted marine life is not a concern because harpoon fishermen visually identify the species and size of the targeted fish before killing it.


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Santa Monica Seafood proactively supports the sustainability of our commercial fisherman and the stewardship of our local waters. Harpooning is a historic method of fishing utilizing boats that are very recognizable with their long bowsprits and highly elevated “crow’s nests”. Harpoon fishing is an “art” that requires patience, talent, and a superior skill set while providing the end consumer an exceptional product. Harpoon Swordfish are speared the same day Santa Monica Seafood coordinates the purchase, giving the shortest time between catch and off-loading of any other gear type.

Swordfish meat is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. Steaks have a moderately high oil content and a firm, meaty texture. The flesh color can vary from white and ivory to pink and orange. Color variation does not indicate quality.

For Your Menu

Swordfish’s meaty, firm texture means it’s great on the grill and can stand up to a variety of cooking applications.


For Your Waitstaff

For your die-hard meat eaters, swordfish provides an opportunity to enjoy a seafood with some “oomph”!


For Your Retail Display

Go ahead and cut some swordfish into chunks and thread on skewers – your customers will love this easy grab-and-go option for the grill!