Swordfish (Drift Gillnet)


Sustainability Rating:

Yellow – Good Alternative


Local swordfish carefully harvested using drift gillnet (DGN).

Sporadic availability


Where: California

How:  Drift Gillnet (DGN)

drift gillnet is an unanchored panel of stretched mesh (14 inches or greater) suspended vertically in the water by floats along the top and weights along the bottom. Regulations require large mesh drift gillnets fishing off the west Coast to be equipped with acoustic pingers and extenders.

(read more at http://www.westcoast.fisheries.noaa.gov/fisheries/migratory_species/hms_DGN_gear.html)

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Gillnet caught Swordfish meat is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. Steaks have a moderately high oil content and a firm, meaty texture.

For Your Menu

Swordfish’s meaty, firm texture means its great on the grill and can stand up to a variety of cooking applications.

For Your Waitstaff

For your die-hard meat eaters, swordfish provides an opportunity to enjoy a seafood with some “oomph”!

For Your Retail Display

Go ahead and cut some swordfish into chunks and thread on skewers – your customers will love this easy grab-and-go option for the grill!