Oysters, Sunberry Point


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen-Best Choice


Wild harvested from the south shore of Northumberland Strait in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Sunberry Point Oysters are wild fished, and re-watered for at least 30 days in the pristine ocean lease at Salutation Cove – time to market:
3 to 4 years.

April through January


Where – Prince Edward Island, Canada

How – Wild


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Sold in 100 ct. bags, these 3.5″ size oysters are relative to Malpeque
Oysters in appearance with its white to brown shells. The meat has a
medium brine with citrus flavor and umami notes.

For Your Menu

Just in case it’s not noted on the menu, let your guests know that
these oysters are harvested from the wild – not often the case!
Delicious served raw, these oysters need no accompaniment – although,
a simple mignonette is always nice.

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers enjoy a classic Prince Edward Island oyster like a
Malpeque, they’ll love Sunberry Point Oysters. Let them know that
oysters are super sustainable and full of zinc, so they are not only
delicious, but good for you!

For Your Retail Display

Display Sunberry Point Oysters with a jar or two of Santa Monica
Seafood’s Cocktail Sauce, lemons and Tabasco – your customers will
appreciate the reminder to grab those items too!