Crabs, Soft Shell


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Species Name:
Callinectes sapidus
Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


Molting Blue Crabs harvested to take advantage of their “soft shell”

May - September (Fresh)

Where – Mid-Atlantic (USA)

How – Wild Caught/Traps, Pots


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CharacteristicsWhen Blue Crabs molt their shells get soft – and edible! We bring in these molting crabs in a variety of sizes:

Mediums (2 ounces: 3.5 to 4″) 6 dozen per tray

Hotels (2.5 ounces; 4 to 4.5″) 5 dozen per tray

Primes (about 3 ounces; 4.5 to 5″) 4 dozen per tray

Jumbos (4 ½ ounces; 5 to 5.5″) 2 dozen per tray

For Your Menu

MenuSoft Shell Crab Sandwiches can’t be beat – but there are lots of other ways to serve this unique shellfish…

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffRemind your guests that Soft Shell crabs have limited availability – enjoy them any time you can!

For Your Retail Display

Retail It’s hard to display Soft Shell Crabs in your case since they have a super-short shelf life – but feel free to special order!