Salmon, Sockeye


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Also known as Red Salmon, Sockeye are harvested from a variety of areas, including the well known Copper River and Bristol Bay runs.

Available fresh spring - fall, Frozen year-round


Where – Alaska and Canada

How – Wild Caught via Gill Net



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Bristol Bay, Alaska, has the largest Sockeye run during which millions of fish are harvested.  Wild-run Bristol Bay Sockeyes are of world-renowned and known for superior quality.

There are also major Sockeye runs in other parts of Southeast Alaska. The Copper River is most notably known to be of the best quality due to its high fat content. Fresh and frozen Copper River Sockeye command the highest price of any
Sockeye catch. It is usually available fresh from Spring to Fall and frozen all year-round.

Sockeye has a bright red flesh with full flavor and good fat content. It cooks up moist and delicious.  Available fresh in season, frozen year round.

For Your Menu

Sockeye is an excellent source of protein and vitamins, and contains high levels of Omega-3. With its high oil content that accounts for its full, rich flavor, this fish cooks up moist and delicious.

You can do so much with Sockeye – grill, roast, bake, saute, broil, poach, smoke…  you are only limited by your imagination!

For Your Waitstaff

Make sure you know where your wild Sockeye comes from – your guests will probably ask!

For Your Retail Display

This beautiful red salmon fillet will add an amazing pop of color to your case – ask your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep for some Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute promotional materials!