Lobster, Slipper


Sustainability Rating:

GreyGrey – Unranked


Tail Meat from the Slipper Lobster

Available Year-Round


Where – China

How – Wild Caught/Trap


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Slipper Lobsters have no claws – the meat we enjoy comes from the tail. It’s sweet and tasty and although not quite a substitute for Maine Lobster meat, it’s still delicious and versatile (at a good price).  Slipper lobster meat is white and firm.

For Your Menu

Slipper Lobster Meat is great in soups (especially chowder), salads or other preparations where you would feature Rock Lobster meat.

For Your Waitstaff

Encourage your customers to try Slipper Lobster meat – it’s sweet and delicious!

For Your Retail Display

Let your customers know that although it’s not Maine Lobster, Slipper Lobster is delicious (and priced right)!