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We refer to the edible fins of the skate as “wings”.

Available Year-Round


Where – Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine

How – Trawl


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Skate has a flavor somewhat similar to scallops – a fact that seems to support unfounded rumors that round pieces cut from large skate wings used to be passed off as “scallops”. It’s hard to imagine the unique texture and striations of skate wings fooling anyone who knew their seafood.

For Your Menu

Skate is a unique fish, prepare it as you would any delicate sole (one approach is the classic brown butter with capers).

For Your Waitstaff

Did you know skates are actually members of the shark family?

For Your Retail Display

If you have a customer looking for something unique, skate is a great choice. They can cook it just like any smaller flat fish (like sole). Try simply seasoning with salt and pepper, sautéing in butter and finishing with a squeeze of lemon.