Snapper, Silk


Sustainability Rating:

Gray – UnrankedGrey


A delicious member of the snapper family

Available year-round


Where: Costa Rica

How: Wild caught; longline


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Silk Snappers can be identified by the yellow iris (Red Snapper have a red iris).  They have a red body that’s slightly darker on top and have a thin yellow line running longitudinally along the body.  This tasty fish is found in the western Atlantic from Northern South America to North Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean waters.  The Silk Snapper feeds on crabs, shrimp and other fish and has a firm texture and a sweet nutty flavor.

For Your Menu

Silk Snapper is very versatile, and a great way to get snapper on the menu – grill it whole, or serve up some tasty fillets topped with a spicy salsa – perfect for warm spring and summer weather!

For Your Waitstaff

Customers love snapper! Let them know these fish are quite similar to American Red Snapper, which is very hard to source.  Silk Snappers taste great and are well-managed!

For Your Retail Display

Silk Snappers make a great addition to your retail case – whole and fillet fish!