Shrimp, Wild Blue

Jason Oh

Species Name:
Litopenaeus stylirostris
Sustainability Rating:

Yellow – Good Alternative


Fresh wild Blue Mexican Shrimp caught by small panga boats.

Available through Special Order Only (Order by Thursday for Wednesday Delivery)

Packed in 20lb cases

Seasonal (September-March)

Where: Sea of Cortez; Gulf of California

How: Wild-Caught; Drift net, Cast nets, and bottom trawl from panga boats


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CharacteristicsBoat-to-Table artisan shrimp are caught in the Sea of Cortez, along the southern Sonora coastline. The crew members are co-op members and are therefore accountable to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership program. They operate small 2-man panga boats and fish with nets that are laid and retrieved by hand, therefore avoiding any by-catch. Everything is done by hand and there is full accountability for their community, their fishing grounds, and the environment. They are as proud to land these shrimp as we are to serve them.

For Your Menu

MenuThese wild blue shrimps are unlike any other shrimp. The texture is firm with a sweet flavor, just like lobster! They are acceptable to a variety of cooking applications – try it seared or grilled! You can rest assured that since these shrimps are untreated, completely chem-free, and salt-free, the result will be nothing but a clean, quality flavor, without any metallic aftertaste.

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffLet your guests know that these blue shrimps are wild-caught by Artisan shrimp boat fishermen who all take part in the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) Mexican shrimp roundtable program – a community-based fishing co-op. The shrimps are all free of any treatments and chemicals and are fresh, never frozen. The flavor speaks for itself!

For Your Retail Display

Retail Pile up those shrimp – customers love abundance! Also, don’t forget the cocktail sauce – Santa Monica Seafood offers a hand-crafted zesty version you’ll love – ask your Sales Rep for more info.