Shrimp, Argentine Red


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Argentine Red Shrimp



Where: Argentina

How: Wild-Caught

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With vibrant color, these 16/20 size Argentine Red Shrimp are comparable to the rich, decadent Atlantic lobster meat and will delight any discerning palette and elevate any seafood dish.

For Your Menu

To top off the great benefits of using Argentine Red Shrimp, it is both a delicious and convenient option. For those who are looking for quality seafood to show off their culinary expertise in the kitchen, the Argentine Red Shrimp should be at the top of the list! With its flavor and texture that just add to the overall amazing experience, plus its convenience due to pre-peeled and deveined options, this seafood product provides an excellent way for everyone to enjoy a simple yet scrumptious meal. Best of all you won’t have to worry about feeling like a fish out of water when preparing it!

For Your Waitstaff

Pair the sweet and creamy meat Argentine Red Shrimp with a classic white Chardonnay. Or, depending on the preparation, can also go well with a Cabernet Sauvignon red wine.

For Your Retail Display

Brilliantly pink and infused with flavor, there’s no denying that these shrimps make for a stunning display. Make sure you have plenty of ice and fresh ingredients to showcase Argentine Red Shrimp!