Shrimp, Selva


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Yellow – Good Alternative


Selva Shrimp® are premium-quality black tiger prawns naturally raised in mangrove forests. Selva Shrimp® not only offer a sustainable seafood choice, but also create a direct link between consumers and smallholder farming communities in Southeast Asia.

Sustainable shrimp raised by mother nature – Selva Shrimp® are raised in integrated mangrove forest farms with no feed, fertilizers and chemicals. The mangrove forest provides habitat and food for the shrimp.

Partnering with small-scale farmers for mangrove conservation – Selva Shrimp® provides livelihoods for small-scale farmers that maintain mangroves and offers economic incentives for mangrove restoration and conservation.

Your guarantee for supply chain integrity and credibility – All Selva Shrimp® products are subject to an integrated farm verification and traceability system, which is subject to independent, third party auditing.

Available year-round


Where: Vietnam

How: Naturally Grown in Mangrove Forests


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Selva Shrimp® are characterized by their firm texture, succulent flavor, and natural, vibrant color. As the shrimp do not receive any artificial feed, all Selva Shrimp products are 100% GMO free. They are carefully caught by net and immediately put on ice to preserve freshness and taste.

For Your Menu

Naturally raised in mangrove forests, Selva Shrimp® can grow large due to low stocking densities and the favorable conditions offered by their natural habit. This makes Selva Shrimp® the ideal source for large-sized, healthy shrimp.
Highlight Selva Shrimp® as a center of the plate item and let its firm texture, exquisite flavor, and vibrant color shine.

For Your Waitstaff

Suggest to your customers this great product. It’s sustainable, 100% GMO free, helps small community farmers, offers economic incentives for mangrove conservation, and best of all – it’s super delicious!

For Your Retail Display

Make sure you have plenty of ice to lay these beautiful Selva Shrimp® on top of.  Customers will be lining up for this delicious sustainable shrimp.