Sauce, Santa Monica Seafood Cioppino Base


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Another addition to our Santa Monica Seafood line of products – a delicious base for easily creating authentic Cioppino at home

Available Year-Round

Hand Crafted in the USA!


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Hand-crafted from quality ingredients, Santa Monica Seafood Cioppino Base is a time saver. Our directions are incredibly easy to follow; simply bring the sauce to a simmer and add a few ingredients and your favorite seafood (we recommend clams, shrimp or crab legs, fish, and squid) and a fantastic meal for 8 is ready in moments!

Sold by the case (6 shelf stable jars/32 oz. each)

For Your Menu

CharacteristicsReally, more for the retail shelf – perfect for any size market (or maybe as a fun gift) but you can certainly use this base to make amazing cioppino!

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffThis base is hand crafted in the USA of all natural ingredients (and it’s gluten free)!

For Your Retail Display

Retail Load up on this shelf-stable base – your customers will love it! Plus, watch your seafood sales grow…