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GreenGreen – Best Choice


The most popular member of the Sanddab family

Available Year-Round


Where: Pacific Northwest; California

How: Bottom trawl


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Treat Sanddabs as you would any smaller flatfish – they cook up quickly and are great sautéed, broiled or baked.

For Your Menu

Keep it simple with Sanddabs – sautéed in a bit of butter with some fresh local herbs and a squeeze of lemon, or paired with seasonal vegetables and a light citrus sauce.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your guests know that Sanddabs are predators that feed on crabs, squid, and octopuses. You are what you eat, and Sanddabs are delicious…

For Your Retail Display

Sand Dab fillets make a great seafood feature – they are affordable and customers will find them convenient and delicious.