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Pacific Oysters from Baja, CA

Sanctuary Oysters come from “The Ends of the Earth.”  This is an untouched & idyllic place for raising world class oysters. It takes being far away to reach pristine ecosystems & biological wonders.

Available Year-Round


Where – Mexico’s El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve along the western coast of the Baja California Peninsula.

How – Farm Raised


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Sanctuary Oysters are Raised by Whales, in Baja California, one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. It’s a place where many biological wonders thrive, including nursery pods of Grey Whales that migrate over 5,000 miles from Alaska.

Sanctuary Pacific Oysters are nourished in an idyllic place far away from modern civilization, at the heart of a biosphere reserve, known as El Vizcaino. This place is full of nutrient rich phytoplankton resulting in delicious oysters with remarkable texture, taste and appearance.

Full flavored oysters with firm and plump meats, Sanctuary Oysters will make a great addition to your menu! Grown in waters with high salinity helps these West Coast beauties develop a full and delicious flavor.

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For Your Menu

Feature these oysters raw or cooked – your customers will love them! Like all West Coast oysters you can count on full, robust flavor, so work in your favorite accompaniment, or try them hot off the grill.

For Your Waitstaff

Ask your customers if they’ve ever tried an oyster from Baja before… if they haven’t yet, it’s time to blow their minds! If they have, we bet they loved them and will be ready for more.

  • ASC Certified
  • E.U. Certified Organic by European Standards
  • 100% Vertical Integration from Seed to Farm to Plate

For Your Retail Display

Ask your customers if they’ve ever tried an oyster from Baja – now is their chance! Maybe paired with a squeeze of lime?