Cod, Salt


Sustainability Rating:

RedRed – Avoid


Salted Cod fillets

Available Year-Round


Where – USA

How – Wild Caught/Trawl


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Salted Cod is just what it’s name implies – fresh Cod that’s been salted to preserve it. Although in some ways its a little taste of history, Salt Cod is popular around the world.

For Your Menu

Salt cod must be rehydrated and desalinated by soaking in cold water for a few days. Keep refrigerated and change the water every day.  Then you’re ready to work with it

Europeans often mix Salt Cod with potatoes as in a traditional brandade de morue.  Jamaicans even enjoy a dish called ackee and salt fish for breakfast!

For Your Waitstaff

If you have the opportunity to offer your guests a salt cod dish, encourage them to try it as it’s probably not something they’ll try at home!

For Your Retail Display

Chances are you won’t have too many customers looking for salt cod but if they are, check in with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep about special ordering some.