Salmon, Kvarøy Arctic


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Kvarøy (say “Kwa-ray”) is a postcard-pretty Norwegian island located on the Arctic Circle. It was there back in 1976 that Alf Olsen and his son Geir founded Kvarøy Arctic. Today, their now third-generation family-run business is driven by the same goal set by their grandfather—“to provide salmon of very high quality, without compromising either the environment or the welfare of the fish.”

Available Year-Round


Where: Norwegian island located on the Arctic Circle (Point of Origin: 66°North/12°East)

How: Farm-raised



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Kvarøy Arctic is redefining the salmon-farming industry through innovation and deep concern for the future of the fish they raise and the waters they live on. They helped develop the non-GMO food they provide their salmon. This has resulted in an omega-3 content that is twice as much as other farmed salmon, and a highly sustainable fish-in/fish-out ratio of 0.48 to 1.

For Your Menu

The flavor of Kvarøy Arctic salmon is informed by their breathtaking location. Fish have a merroir that reflects the waters in which they are raised. These waters are Arctic cool and clear, with a deep-fjord current that keeps the water fresh and helps exercise the salmon, reducing fat levels and giving this beautiful fish a pristine, clean flavor. Crisp and bright like our waters, with a slight brininess of the sea.
Great on the grill, poached, roasted, or sautéed – salmon is also best featured raw, cured, or smoked!

For Your Waitstaff

Although salmon is incredibly popular, customers may have questions about farming practices.

Here are a few great things about this Kvarøy Arctic Salmon:

  • Low pen densities; fish-in/fish-out ratio is less than 1/2 to 1
  • Non-GMO fed
  • ASC Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Whole Foods Certified
  • Global G.A.P. Certified
  • The omega-3 content is twice that of other farmed salmon
  • Pens fallowed 3x longer than Norway required to ensure clean waters
  • Blockchain technology is utilized to provide trusted data on the health of the fish and waters

For Your Retail Display

Encourage your customers to give this superior Norwegian salmon a try.  Let them know that this fish was sustainably raised in Norway where it is famous worldwide for its deep, cold, and clear fjords.