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Also known as Black Cod, Sablefish is a rich and flavorful choice

Available year-round


Where – California’s Central Coast, Pacific NW, Canada, and Alaska

How – Wild Caught/Longline, Trap


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Sablefish gets its name because of the luxuriousness of its flesh. Rich and succulent with an excellent fat content keeps it moist throughout almost any kind of cooking process.  Mild flavored, Sablefish will instantly become a customer favorite.

For Your Menu

Play up that richness! Sablefish is an excellent candidate for smoking, but no matter how you prepare it be ready to sell out! Often served with a miso glaze or lacquered, give this fish the 5-star treatment it deserves. Its richness also means you can go with slightly smaller portion size and still leave your customers feeling satisfied.

For Your Waitstaff

Your guests may also know this fish as “Butterfish” because it’s so rich.

For Your Retail Display

Remind your customers that they may also know this fish as “Black Cod” or “Butterfish” although the FDA requires us to use the name Sablefish.  No matter what they call it – it is delicious!