Shrimp, Rock


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A deep water shrimp harvested in Florida and Mexico that gets it’s name from its incredibly hard exoskeleton.

Available year-round


Where – Florida, Mexico
How – Wild caught, mid-water trawl


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Rock shrimp are firm and lean with a distinct sweet flavor that some compare to spiny lobster.  Cook these shrimp quickly and carefully, they can overcook easily and become tough.   These shrimp are sold as refreshed.

Alternatives include spiny lobster, Laughing Bird Shrimp or spot prawns, depending on how you plan to use them.

For Your Menu

Rock shrimp add a great touch to pasta dishes, risottos and soups (great for bisque!). Try them as part of a delicious fritto misto!

For Your Waitstaff

Rock shrimp are delicious and affordable – and a Florida classic!   Rodney Thompson claims to be the “Rock Shrimp King”, you can read his story here.

For Your Retail Display

If you have customers looking for super firm shrimp, Rock Shrimp is a great choice!