Redfish (Farmed)


Sustainability Rating:

Grey – Unrated


Farm Raised Red Drum

Available Year-Round


Where – Mauritius Island

How – Farm-raised


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Mild, distinctive flavor and a “robust” texture make Redfish an easy seafood to add to any menu. Fish are also available whole.

For Your Menu

Chef Paul Prudhomme was famous for his Blackened Redfish – and you can certainly enjoy this fish in that style but it’s also delicious prepared in other ways, and can be enjoyed raw.

For Your Waitstaff

If you’ve got a hungry regular looking to try something unique, suggest the Redfish! It’s a bit different than other fish with its characteristically firm texture which made it so popular for blackening back in the ’80s.

For Your Retail Display

This beautiful fish would make a great addition to your case – bring in a whole fish to display, and then add your favorite cajun spice blend or blackening spice!