Grouper, Red


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


A member of the grouper family (included Black, Yellow Edge and other commercially harvested Grouper). 73% of the Grouper harvested in the US is Red Grouper.

According to NOAA, “Declared overfished in 2000, Gulf of Mexico red grouper rebuilt to target population levels in 2007, under strict regulations that limited harvest and controlled the amount of fishing. The commercial fishery for red grouper in the Gulf of Mexico is also now managed under an Individual Fishing Quota program. With the support of fishermen and other stakeholders, managers implemented this program to reduce the number of fishermen and improve the operation of the fishery. Under the program, managers set a limit on the amount of red grouper that can be caught every year, then allocate fixed shares of this amount to eligible fishermen. Fishermen can harvest their share whenever they choose, slowing the pace of the fishery and easing the pressure on the resource.”

Available Sporadically Year-Round


Where – US (Gulf of Mexico)

How – Wild Caught/Longline


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Red Grouper is firm and mild flavor, cooks up flaky, moist and slightly sweet – many consider it to be the most delicious of the groupers.

For Your Menu

You’ll want to highlight this fish on your menu if you’re able to source it – it’s a bit hard to find! Make it a special and take advantage of its amazing texture and flavor.

For Your Waitstaff

Since the chance to offer fresh Red Grouper comes once in a Blue Moon you’ll want to make sure your guests enjoy this delicious fish while you’re featuring it!

For Your Retail Display

Like we note above – make a big deal out of this fish if you get the chance to add it to your case!