Prawns, Skull Island Tiger


Sustainability Rating:

MSC Certified Giant Tiger Prawns caught off the coast of Australia.



Where: Australia

How: Wild-caught


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Skull Island is an island in Australia’s Northern Territory and it’s where the biggest tiger prawns in Australia’s Northern Prawn Fishery are caught. It is part of the Sir Edward Pellew Group of islands in King Ash Bay at the mouth of the McArthur River.  The inshore-protected waters adjacent to Skull Island provide the ideal habitat for tiger prawns.  Large expansive seagrass beds, strong tidal movement, and ample food allow juvenile tiger prawns to grow to sizes selected for the Skull Island brand.

Caught, packed, and snap frozen at sea from the pristine waters of Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, thus ensuring the eating characteristics of Skull Island tiger prawns remain intact until they are enjoyed on the plate.

Tiger prawns from Skull Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria are the biggest you can find in Australia!

Measuring up to 26cm in length and 100g in weight, these juicy behemoths of the prawn underworld are truly king on the plate. Characteristic Tiger stripes, striking fluorescent purple tails and their sheer size leave you in awe as you open a box of Skull Island tiger prawns for the first time.

  • U/6 Size
  • Pack: 9KGCS=3X3KGBX
  • Head On & Shell On (HOSO)
  • Certified ‘sustainable’ by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Skull Island Tiger Prawns are the world’s first certified sustainable tropical prawn.

For Your Menu

From the CEO of Austral Fisheries, David Carter – “This prawn is like nothing else you’ve tasted, it is the ‘hero on the plate’ and it is a privilege to be able to bring it to you.”

For Your Waitstaff

Regional wines are the perfect pairing for seafood. They have a unique taste that can accentuate the natural flavors of Australia’s Skull Island Tiger Prawns.

For Your Retail Display

These prawns are impressive in both size and flavor, so make sure you have plenty to sell. Display them on a bed of ice to make them even more irresistible to customers. With such great taste and value, these prawns are sure to be a hit with your seafood-loving customers.