Dover Sole, Pacific


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Even though this abundant fish is called a sole, it is actually a flounder.  We’re bringing these beauties in from the Pacific waters and is named in resemblance to the common sole in Europe that is known as Dover Sole.


Available year-round


Where – California, Oregon, Washington and Canada

How – Wild caught; trawl


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Delicate fillets with a sweet, mild flavor – Dover sole fillets are white when raw, and stay white when cooked.

Alternatives include petrale sole, tilapia or flounder.

For Your Menu

Due to the delicate nature of Dover sole, it’s best to stick with more gentle cooking techniques – poach, saute or pan fry. Keep it simple and let the mild flavor of this fish shine through.

For Your Waitstaff

What a great way to enjoy the taste of much more expensive (and difficult to source) true European Dover sole! Better brush up on those knife skills – you never know when the chef might decide to have you fillet this fish tableside…

For Your Retail Display

Remind your customers that Dover Sole fillets taste great sautéed in butter – just add a squeeze of lemon at the end, and a pinch of fresh parsley for an easy and elegant meal!