Cod, Pacific


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


Pacific Cod, also known as Cod or Alaska Cod is one of the three members of the Gadus genus (Pacific, Atlantic and Greenland Cod)

Available year-round


Where – Alaska, China, and Russia

How – Wild Caught (Trawl, Trap, Jig, Pot, Long-line)


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Cod is a customer favorite – moist firm fillets that cook up flaky and delicious.  With a mild yet slightly sweet flavor, Pacific Cod is a versatile fish that your customers will love.

For Your Menu

Since Cod is so versatile and takes to any kind of seasoning, have some fun with it!  Bake it, sauté it, roast it, broil or deep fry it…  also tastes great in seafood soups, stews, and chowder.

For Your Waitstaff

Pacific Cod is sustainably harvested from abundant populations – and it’s delicious!

For Your Retail Display

If you have customers looking for a “family-friendly” fish – Pacific Cod is a great choice.  Affordable, mild, and easy to work with – even kids love it!