Oysters, Tomales Bay


Sustainability Rating:

Green-Best Choice


Supporting our local sea farms and harvesters from the pristine waters of Northern California, Tomales Bay Oysters are sustainably raised using the floating bag method near the waters’ surface where there is plenty of plankton.

Available Year-Round


Where: Northern California

How: Farm Raised


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Ever-moving waters in Tomales Bay tumbles the oysters, helping to deepen the purple-hued shells. The meat has a mild nutty flavor with a fresh, briny finish.

Prop 65 Information

For Your Menu

We recommend pairing these oysters with a crisp dry white wine or a refreshing cold beer. Make sure you keep this item constantly chilled either in the seafood case or
refrigerator below 45°F.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your customers know that oysters are a sustainable seafood option – so keep enjoying them!

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget the lemons, limes, and jars of Santa Monica Seafood Cocktail Sauce – these colorful items can brighten up any oyster display.