Oysters, Kaipara


Sustainability Rating:

Green-Best Choice


Oysters are harvested from Kaipara Harbour which is located in the sparsely populated northwest region of New Zealand’s North Island.

April to September


Where: New Zealand

How: Farm-raised



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With a large, deep-cupped shell, this 2.75 inch – 3.25-inch size oysters have an aroma and flavor that encapsulates the pristine Kaipara Harbor waters: the smell of fresh ocean spray accompanied by gentle yet intense brine with soft, creamy meats that have notes of citrus and a watermelon rind finish.

Oysters are suspended in baskets on lines, with the strong tidal flows producing New Zealand’s only rumbled oyster.

• Salinity: consistently 3.5% oceanic salinity with minimal seasonal variation.

• Tides & Currents: One of the largest natural harbors in the world with a narrow 3.7-mile
entrance creating a very strong tidal flow of 5+ knots delivering clean and nutrient-laden
water from the Tasman sea, flushed with a cubic mile of pure Tasman seawater every
spring tide.

• Bottom Makeup: Ancient drowned river valley bottom covered in a mix of sand and alluvial silts.

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For Your Menu

Add these tasty deep-cup oysters to your menu today.  Keep it simple by serving them raw with a side of Mignonette sauce, lemon wedges, and Tabasco Hot Sauce.

For Your Waitstaff

Nutritious, delicious, and sustainable – did you know that farmed oysters are rated GREEN (Best Choice) by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch? More reasons why customers should enjoy it even more!

For Your Retail Display

Accent your oyster display with lemons, a few bottles of Santa Monica Seafood Cocktail Sauce, and Tabasco. It doesn’t hurt to have some oyster shucking knives available too!