Oysters, Buckley Bay


Species Name:
Crassostrea gigas
Sustainability Rating:

Green – Best Choice


A farm-raised Pacific Oyster from Baynes Sound.

Available Year-Round

Where: British Columbia

How: Tray-raised and beach finished

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Buckley Bay Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is a Pacific Oyster from Baynes Sound, southern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. These 3” to 3.5” size oysters are tray-raised and beach finished resulting in a strong shell that makes it easy for shucking!

For Your Menu

With its fantastic plump meat to shell ratio, Buckley Bay Oysters has a sweet flavor with a light brine finish and earthy organic undertones. Feature these oysters raw or cooked – your customers will love them! Like all West Coast oysters you can count on full, robust flavor, so work in your favorite accompaniment, or try them hot off the grill.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your customers know that Oysters are a sustainable seafood option – so keep enjoying it!

We recommend pairing oysters with a crisp dry white wine or a refreshing cold beer!

For Your Retail Display

Keep the oysters as cold as possible so make sure your case has plenty of crushed ice.