(aka: opaka; crimson jobfish; crimson snapper; Hawaiian pink snapper)

Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


A delicious member of the snapper family

Available sporadically year-round


Where – Hawaii/South Pacific

How – Wild Caught/Longline


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Opakapaka cooks up firm with a delicate flavor.

For Your Menu

Enjoy this delicious fish raw as sashimi or grill, broil, bake, saute, steam or add to curries or soups.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your guests know this delicious fish is prized for its delicate flavor and is a coveted sushi fish.

For Your Retail Display

If you’re lucky enough to feature Opakapaka in your case, encourage your customers to try this delicious fish – if they like snapper, they will love Opakapaka.