Salmon, Norwegian


Sustainability Rating:

GreyGrey – Unranked


Norwegian-farmed Atlantic salmon that is 100% superior quality with NO antibiotics, NO GMO’s and industry-low pen densities.

Available year-round


Where: Fjords of Norway (Atlantic Ocean)

How: Farmed


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Norway’s wonderful, unspoiled natural environment is famous worldwide for its deep, cold, and clear fjords. This unique nature has made Norway a perfect area for fish farming; an area where the Atlantic salmon really belong after thousands of years with natural accommodation.

This modern philosophy provides the healthiest fish, best fish welfare, and the highest quality and economy for all parts.

Processed locally in Norway, with the newest available technology, all fillets can be produced, trimmed (A, B, C, D, E, and E deep-skinned) and packed according to the customer’s individual specifications.

For Your Menu

Take advantage of this salmon’s high fat content and work it into any style of cooking.  Great on the grill, poached, roasted or sauteed – salmon is also best featured raw, cured or smoked!

For Your Waitstaff

Although salmon is incredibly popular, customers may have questions about farming practices.

Here are a few great things about this Norwegian Salmon:

  • Low pen densities; 2% salmon to 98% water
  • No non-natural chemicals found in any of these fish samples from their production in the last 15 years
  • State-of-the-art traceability system
  • Superior source of nutrients compared to other Atlantic Salmon

For Your Retail Display

Encourage your customers to give this 100% superior Norwegian salmon a try.  Let them know that this fish was sustainably raised in Norway where it is famous worldwide for its deep, cold, and clear fjords.