New Zealand Sea Bream


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Also known as Porgy, New Zealand Tai, Squirefish, Australia Red Seabream, Cockney, Red Bream, New Zealand Medai, Old Man Snapper, Schnapper, Brim or Red Hawaiian Porgy, this Australian Snapper, a species of porgie, is one of the most iconic fish of New Zealand.

Available Year-Round


Where: New Zealand

How: Wild Caught

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New Zealand Sea Bream is prized for its colorful golden scales with light blue spots.  It is a true favorite for New Zealanders and is considered the Rolls Royce of inshore species. In Japanese folklore it is the symbol of fortune, and is typically used as the centerpiece in celebratory feasts.

For Your Menu

This wonderful fish is rich in a naturally occuring amino acid called glycine which makes the meat sweet. A must-have item for any menu, New Zealand Sea Bream can practically be prepared in all cooking applications – steamed, grilled, deep fried whole, roasted and more!

The flesh is light with a pinkish tinge, and cooks up white, with medium flake and texture.

For Your Waitstaff

Your customers will love the mild clean taste of New Zealand Sea Bream.  We suggest offering this tasty fish with a local white wine from the region.

For Your Retail Display

If you can order a couple of whole fish, they will make your display really pop (even if you’re also bringing in fillets).