New Caledonia Blue Shrimp

Jason Oh

Sustainability Rating:

Red – Avoid


Premium quality blue shrimp from New Caledonia is highly valued for its rich and subtle flavor, its unique, slightly sweet, iodized taste, and its firm and juicy texture.



Where – New Caledonia

How – Farm-raised

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The New Caledonia blue shrimp has exceptional sensory characteristics, which are linked to its composition of amino acids. The levels of Glycine and Proline (main composite of honey) are particularly high in this species giving it a unique sweet flavor appreciated by the experts.
Its beautiful blue color is due to the purity of the New Caledonian lagoon waters and the natural food supply from the lagoon’s plankton. Once cooked, it takes a beautiful orange-pink hue without any dye.
New Caledonia Blue shrimp has a unique, sweet taste, with a firm, melt-in-the-mouth flesh appreciated by top chefs.

  • Low-density production and total traceability assure food security for consumers and guarantee the highest quality
  • Harvests take place every eight to twelve months (compared to every two or three months in intensive farming)
  • Ultra-fast frozen with brine to preserve their flavor and texture
  • Can be stored up to two years under -1°F
  • Raw, head-on, shell-on
  • Individually quick frozen
  • No GMO, antibiotics, or artificial coloring

For Your Menu

New Caledonia blue shrimp is a delicious and unique addition to your menu. Not only do they have an amazing flavor, but it’s something different that will create a big buzz at the guest’s table.  Keep the seasoning light as you want the flavor to shine through with its natural sweetness!

For Your Waitstaff

Let your guests know that these blue shrimps are nurtured in ponds built in natural beds and filled with water from the marine-life rich lagoons. Their sweet flavor pairs perfectly with any classic white wine or rose!

For Your Retail Display

Your customers will be drawn to the beautiful color of these blue shrimp (don’t forget the Santa Monica Seafood cocktail sauce)! Make sure you have plenty of ice to lay these beautiful New Caledonia Blue Shrimp on top of.