Oyster, Mer Bleue


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Only the icy cold waters of New Brunswick, Canada could produce an oyster as pure and clean as the Mer Bleue Oyster.

Available Year-Round


Where: New Brunswick, Canada

How: Top-culture floating bag system


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Throughout its five years of cultivation, in Winter as in Summer, this oyster waltzs to the rhythm of the delicately salty flows of the Atlantic Ocean, between the seabed & the carpet of frozen waves.

It is then on the palate that Mer Bleue breaks the ice, revealing its voluptuous flesh and dancing in the mouth like a crazy algae – delicate & suggestive, like a sprig of sage (on a semi-salted butter).

For Your Menu

After one taste, customers will definitely agree that Mer Bleue Oyster is their new favorite oyster.  With a clean and slightly briny taste and a sweet finish make this oyster a perfect item for any new oyster lover, and old timers too!  Pair this oyster with a crisp beer or champagne.

For Your Waitstaff

If customers are looking for a deep cupped oyster with a great meat ratio and delicious clean flavor, look no further – Mer Bleue Oyster is it!  Suggest to customers to pair this beautiful oyster with your best champagne or beer.

For Your Retail Display

For a beautiful display, semi-empty the stylish wooden box where Mer Bleue Oysters are packed in and add plenty of ice all over.

Make sure you have a few jars of Santa Monica Seafood Classic Cocktail Sauces available for customers to grab along with the oysters!