Species Name:
Argyrosomus regius
Sustainability Rating:

Grey – Unrated


Meagre is a new, exciting food experience for restaurant menus and fresh seafood counters. It is also known as Mediterranean Meagre, and Kranios locally in Greece.

Available year-round

Where: Greece

How: Farm-raised

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Characteristics Meagre is a fantastic fish that is low in fat, has a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and is high in protein – all the things guests love! On top of that, the flavor of Meagre is always succulent and always satisfying.

For Your Menu

MenuMeagre has a lightly sweet-yet-mildly briny flavor, and a delightfully firm-yet-supple texture not seen in other white fish. It’s perfect for a variety of preparations and cuisines such as ceviche and sushi. Or chargrill it for a hearty Mediterranean dish, salt-baked for something simple and elegant, or pan-sear it for that perfect bite. Enjoy the large, juicy flakes with their clean, oceanic flavor that’s reminiscent of a quiet sea breeze. When cooked, Meagre doesn’t seep proteins and fat, which means no fishy odors.

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffLet customers know that if they’re looking for a high-quality and lean protein, Meagre is the go-to fish. The meat is moist and white with a mild, clean taste.

  • From the crystal-clear seas of Greece
  • Consistently available year-round
  • Rich source of proteins
  • One 115g serving covers your entire Omega-3 needs for the week
  • Rich in B12, B3, and E vitamins
  • Raised 100% GMO-free
  • Fish from Greece certified
  • Global G.A.P. certified
  • BRC & IFS certified

For Your Retail Display

Retail Display Meagre in your fish case as you would with European Sea Bass. It is visually similar with a pearly-silver coloration and a yellow-colored mouth.