Shark (Pacific), Mako


Sustainability Rating:

Red – Avoid


Shortfin Mako Shark harvested from the Pacific

Available Sporadically Year-Round


Where – USA (California)

How – Wild Caught/Large Mesh Drift Gillnet


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Mako Shark has a full flavor and a firm, meaty texture similar to Swordfish (Mako Shark skin is rough and swordfish skin is smooth).

For Your Menu

Shark works well on the grill and is a great choice for fish tacos.  Take advantage of sharks firm texture – try it on skewers.

For Your Waitstaff

Customers may have questions about the sustainability of shark – let them know that this shark comes from a strictly managed population, which is why we don’t see it on menus more often

For Your Retail Display

Why not cut some shark up and put it on skewers for your customers to grab and go! Add cherry tomatoes, yellow and green pepper – all they have to do is season and cook!