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Also known as Silver Mouth Snapper

Available September - May


Where: South Pacific (Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Australia)

How: Wild Caught; Long Line


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Firm fleshed, lehi is often compared to opakapaka but with a bit more flavor.

For Your Menu

This delicious fish is easy to work with – bake it, roast it, grill it, saute it or serve it raw – you’ll love its versatility!

For Your Waitstaff

This is a pretty exotic option and not one you’ll see a lot of, so if it’s on the menu it’s a rare treat – make sure your seafood loving customers make the most of this opportunity!

For Your Retail Display

Lehi will display beautifully inside your fish case whether you’re featuring it whole or fillet.  The flesh has a slightly reddish color that will pop nicely when placed on top of crushed ice.