Snapper, Lane


Sustainability Rating:

GreyGrey – Unranked


A delicious member of the snapper family

Available Spring/Summer with sporadic catches Winter/Fall


Where – Costa Rica

How – Wild caught; hook and line


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Lane snapper are regarded as a great eating fish – mainly because their own diet is so varied.  This tasty fish feeds on crabs and shrimp which give it a delicious, sweet flavor and firm flesh.

Alternatives include red snapper, tilapia

For Your Menu

Use this fish as you would any snapper – it’s very versatile. Grill, roast, broil, bake or saute, or enjoy in a variety of whole fish preparations. Lane snapper skin adds a bit of color to the plate, and tastes great!

For Your Waitstaff

This is a delicious fish that any customer will love – snapper has a very mild delicious flavor.

For Your Retail Display

Snappers – both whole and fillet – are a great addition to any seafood case.