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High quality free-range lamb



Where: Australia
How: Farm-raised


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Each lamb has the perfect balance of mouth-watering intramuscular fat and just the right amount of tender lean meat. The farmers are able to objectively measure the overall health and well-being of each lamb – as the healthier the lamb, the higher the grade. They never settle for anything less.

• Free Range
• HALAL Certified
• Innovative GLQ Grading
• GLQ Score 5+ Lamb

For Your Menu

The quality of these free-range lambs from Australia is the utmost highest. Simple seasoning is all you need and let the natural lamb flavor shine through. With a robust yet well-balanced flavor Chefs can keep the preparation simple.

For Your Waitstaff

The unique flavor of this racked lamb pairs beautifully with rich red wine. Why not keep the regions all from one place and pair these chops with a local pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon from Australia?

For Your Retail Display

Showcasing the entire rack inside the meat case will draw plenty of attention. Make sure you have an amp supply available when customers start ordering!