Oysters, Kumiai


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Farm Raised Pacific Oysters

Available Year-Round (weather dependent)


Where – Guerrero Negro Lagoon, Vizcaino Bay, Baja CA

How – Farm Raised


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These Pacific Oysters are grown using the rack and bag method in the pristine waters of the Guerrero Negro Lagoon, located next to the Vizcaino Bay which is influenced by the local California Current. The constant upwelling brings nutrient-rich bottom waters to the surface providing a high phytoplankton diet for the oysters, resulting in good meat yield year round.

Prop 65 Information

For Your Menu

Kumiai Oysters have a unique flavor with a crisp briny taste and a sweet finish. Serve them raw on the half shell or in your favorite oyster preparation.

For Your Waitstaff

These delicious oysters are named after the Kumiai people who inhabited the Baja California Peninsula and enjoyed the local shellfish as one of their main foods.

For Your Retail Display

Jazz up your oyster display with some lemons and limes! These oysters are so delicious they don’t need anything added to them, but a squeeze of citrus is nice…