Salmon (Wild), King


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Also known as chinook, king salmon are the largest of the 5 commercially harvested species from the N. Pacific and can reach weights up to 125 lbs. (they are also the least abundant, and in general, the most expensive). Although Copper River kings tend to get the most press, we source king salmon from different areas as well.

Available year round in frozen form, fresh troll caught kings are available sporadically throughout the entire year, with fresh gill net caught salmon available in spring and early summer.


Where – Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington

How – Wild caught; troll, gill net, purse seine



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King salmon’s flesh color may vary from white (ivory kings) to pink to red, and they have an excellent healthy fat content (we love those Omega-3’s)!  Wonderful on the grill, baked, broiled, roasted, pan seared – really almost any way you want to cook it, king salmon is up for it!

For Your Menu

Make sure you get some detailed origin information on the menu (your Santa Monica Seafood Sales rep is happy to help). Customers love to know where their fish comes from! Enjoy fresh wild king salmon when you can – it’s not always available.

For Your Waitstaff

Customers love wild Alaska salmon and are willing to pay a premium for fish when it’s available!  Don’t miss a chance to sell lots of this nutritious and sustainably harvested seafood.

For Your Retail Display

Make sure your regulars know when wild King salmon will be available – it’s not something they always see and they’ll appreciate a head’s up!