Salmon, Icelandic


Sustainability Rating:

Blue – Santa Monica Seafood Approved


From the “Land of Fire and Ice” comes Icelandic Salmon!

In an environment this remote and pristine, our farmers can keep it simple. Salmon eat clean – high quality, locally and responsibly sourced marine protein and natural color derived from marine micro-organisms, just the way it’s done in the wild. No synthetic color, no GMOs, no antibiotics, no hormones, no land based animal proteins, no sea lice treatments – just beautiful salmon from an untouched place reared by Icelandic farmers who have fish in their DNA.

Available year-round


Where: Iceland
How: Farm raised

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Our farmers know the best results come from mimicking the wild in every way for their fish and it is evident in the quality – outstanding color, taste and texture. Their all natural approach has been recognized with the prestigious AquaGAP certification for responsible farming practices. Since Eastern Iceland is such a remote location, Super Chilling technology is utilized to chill the fish down below freezing point of water within an hour.

Although the temperature of the fish is below freezing point of water, the fish remains fresh and unfrozen in a subzero state. This process extends the shelf life by 2-3 days so diners can enjoy a fresh from the fjord experience.

• Fresh, sushi-grade
• Feed is free of antibiotics
• Diet is rich in marine protein sourced from the local North Atlantic waters.
• Salmon color is all naturally derived from marine microorganisms
• Processed in a state of the art facility, then super chilled to ensure fresh from the fjord quality upon arrival.
• Completely vertically integrated from egg to harvesting/processing/packing to ensure each salmon is traceable.
• Firm texture, even marbling, ocean fresh flavor, vibrant color and superior grade
• AquaGAP Certified

For Your Menu

Salmon is a very versatile fish and works well in a variety of cooking applications. Since this Salmon is sushi grade, why not serve it raw as sashimi or crudo!

For Your Waitstaff

Make sure your waitstaff are educated on this amazing fish so that they can relay the information to their customers.

This fantastic Icelandic Salmon is completely free of antibiotics and is also AquaGAP Certified for responsible farming practices. Not to mention, it is super delicious with its firm texture and buttery flavor!

For Your Retail Display

Just like we mention above, your customers may have questions about Icelandic Salmon. We’re happy to work with you and your staff to help you learn more about this amazing fish from the land of fire and ice!