Oysters, Hama Hama


Species Name:
Crassostrea gigas
Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Farm Raised Pacific Oysters

Available Year-Round

Where – Hood Canal, WA

How – Farm Raised


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CharacteristicsThese thick shelled, beach-grown oysters come from the western shore of Hood Canal, WA.  Slow growing oysters that take up to four years to reach market size, these oysters have a mild, fruity aftertaste and good salinity.

For Your Menu

MenuWe love oysters raw – but have some fun with the accompaniments!  Whether you go for an exotic granita or a play on mignonette, these oysters will shine through (just don’t overwhelm them)!

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffDelicious, nutritious and rated GREEN (Best Choice) for sustainability by Seafood Watch, what’s not to love!

For Your Retail Display

Retail If customers are looking for a selection of oysters to take home, we recommend at least one East Coast option and one West Coast option. That way they can compare and contrast two different species…