Sustainability Rating:

BlueBlue – Santa Monica Seafood Approved (MSC Certified)


A delicious white-fleshed fish that is a member of the Cod Family and is MSC Certified

Available Year-Round


Where – South Africa

How – Wild Caught/Trawl


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Although Hake is a member of the Cod family it has its own unique characteristics. Cooks up firm and somewhat flaky with a mild flavor.

For Your Menu

Hake performs well under high heat – get a good sear on it and top it with a robust sauce. It’s also a great fish to work into soups and chowders.

For Your Waitstaff

Encourage your customers to try this unique fish – and let them know it’s Marine Stewardship Council Certified so it’s a sustainable choice!

For Your Retail Display

If your customers want to try Hake, encourage them to add it to a fish chowder – easy to make and customizable!