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GreyGrey – Unranked

Also known as Gulf Coney or Rooster Hind.
Available Year-Round


Where – Mexico

How – Wild Caught – Gillnet


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Mexican Grouper has a wonderfully mild, sweet but distinct flavor. The cooked meat is white and lean with firm, big flakes.  Chefs love it because it’s incredibly forgiving, remaining moist even if it gets a bit over cooked.

For Your Menu
Baquetta is very versatile and is an excellent choice for those looking for a local option.  Although Baquetta is generally available year round, it can run tight in early October when boats are fishing for spiny lobsters as well as in early spring when boats are concentrating on Mahi Mahi.

For Your Waitstaff

This is a great chance to highlight a local fish –  suggest a regional wine choice!

For Your Retail Display

This is a great option to recommend to customers looking for something new – it’s easy to cook, mild in flavor and works well in any recipe.