Grouper (aka: Groper or Wreckfish Sea Bass)


Species Name:
Polyprion oxygeneios
Sustainability Rating:

New Zealand Groper (also known as Grouper or Wreckfish Sea Bass) is a deep-water species and one of the most sought after of all groupers, due to its reputation for superior flavor and texture. This king of the depths has a dark grey upper body and light grey/silver belly with a massive head and mouth.

Available year-round

Where: East Coast, New Zealand

How: Wild; Bottom Long-line


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Depending on the size of the groper the flavor and texture can range from sweet and delicate in the smaller specimens to juicy and heavy-flaked on the larger fish. From the pristine depths of New Zealand, this Groper cooks up pearly white and is a highly sought after winner in its class.

For Your Menu

This fish holds together very well. Its thick flesh will soak up auxiliary flavors making it a flexible fish to work with.

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers are looking for something mild and sweet, suggest groper – they’ll love it! We recommend pairing this delicious fish with a refreshing New Zealand white wine or rose!

For Your Retail Display

This is a great option to recommend to customers looking for something new – it’s easy to cook, mild in flavor and works well in any recipe calling for bass or grouper.