Crab, Florida Stone Claws


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Fresh, cooked crab claws are sustainably harvested from Florida Stone Crabs.

Stone Crabs are harvested primarily from the Florida Keys and South Florida’s west coast from such storied fishing communities as Everglades City, Isle of Capri, Goodland, Cortez, Ft Meyers, and Hernando Beach.

Available fresh in season (October - May)


Where – Florida

How – Wild Caught; traps and pots


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Florida stone crab claws contain a delicious meat – sweet and succulent with a delicious crab flavor!  Since they come in fully cooked, they couldn’t be any easier to work with.


Order Friday before 1 pm Pacific Time for Wednesday delivery

Order Tuesday before 1 pm Pacific Time for Friday delivery

For Your Menu

Getting at the meat is half the fun! Serve these claws whole and let your customers enjoy themselves cracking them open to get at the meat. If your establishment isn’t quite right for a full-on crab feed you can still utilize this delicious seasonal option in soups, salads, and other crab-friendly dishes.

For Your Waitstaff

Stone crab meat is sweet, delicious, and only available fresh for a limited time – if you have it on the menu it’s a real seasonal treat, encourage customers to try it while they can! A real renewable resource, crabs are taken from the pots live, one claw is removed and the crabs are returned to the sea where they regenerate a new claw after about a year!

For Your Retail Display

Your customers will love to see a pile of these bright red, orange and black claws in your case! Don’t forget the mustard sauce (or cocktail sauce) for dipping!