Pompano, Florida


Sustainability Rating:

Greygrey – unranked


Aquacultured Pompano ocean raised in Panama.

Available year-round


Where: Laguna de chiriqui, Panama

How: Farm Raised


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Meat is light in color and cooks up firm, tender, and moist. Flavor is sweet, mild, rich, and distinctive.

For Your Menu

The simplest preparations are best since you don’t want to overpower pompano’s flavor. Baking the fillets in parchment called “en papillote” is a classic presentation. You can also barbecue, broil, poach or foil steam this tasty fish.

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers like sole or flounder, recommend to them this great fish.  The meat is delicate and sweet – they will thank you for your suggestion!

For Your Retail Display

Jump on it fast if you get a chance to bring Pompano in whole.  Customers will definitely stop by and inquire about them.

Have plenty of ice to keep them chilled and fresh in the display case.