Shrimp, Farmed White


Sustainability Rating:

Multiple-OptionsMultiple Options Available


Farm-Raised White Shrimp

Available Year-Round


Where – Various C.O.O. (Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Ecuador, India)

How – Farm-raised


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Buying frozen white shrimp is a great way to add seafood to the menu and keep on top of inventory – just thaw what you need. We recommend defrosting shrimp in the refrigerator or in cold, running water. Never defrost in a warm place or microwave.  Remember, shrimp are sized by number per pound (so a 16/20 count means each shrimp will weigh just under an ounce).  We offer a variety of styles – consult with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Representative to see what works best for your menu and budget.

For Your Menu

Have you ever tried brining or pickling shrimp? Give it a shot! Shrimp is super versatile and works with all kinds of seasonings and spice blends.  Delicious hot or cold on every type of menu!

For Your Waitstaff

Shrimp pairs well with all kinds of wines and beers – even sake!

For Your Retail Display

Pile up those shrimp – customers love abundance! Add some lemons, cocktail sauce, and tabasco to generate excitement…