Sustainability Rating:

Green – Best Choice


Turbot is a tasty member of the flounder family

Available Year-Round


Where – Spain

How – Farm Raised


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Farmed Turbot has a beautiful, almost gleaming white flesh that cooks up white and firm with a mild flavor (similar to wild turbot). Cooking it on the bone helps boost its delicate flavor.

Alternatives include Halibut, Sole, Flounder.

For Your Menu

Turbot does have a more mild flavor – so keep preparations simple and don’t overwhelm this tasty fish.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your guests know that Turbot is a very mild flavored seafood option, and suggest pairing it with a wine that won’t overwhelm it. Also, it really is pronounced “tur – buht”, not  “tur – bo”!

For Your Retail Display

If you have a customer in search of something mild (like Tilapia, or Flounder) Farmed Turbot is a great substitute – especially if they are trying to “wow” some guests!