Sturgeon, Farmed


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


This long-lived prehistoric throwback is a unique creature with a tasty, firm meat and highly prized roe. Farming has created a viable alternative to continuing to impact threatened wild species – in this country and abroad.

Available Year-Round


Where – California, Washington, Idaho

How – Farm Raised


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Sturgeon offer a unique seafood opportunity, their flesh cooks up firm and meaty.

For Your Menu

Enjoy sturgeon’s meat-like texture! Grill it, roast it, wrap it in bacon… why not pair it with a garnish of sustainably raised farmed white sturgeon caviar?

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers have never tried sturgeon, this is a great opportunity for seafood lovers to add to their life experiences… it’s a rather unique fish, and they’ll enjoy it’s interestingly meaty texture, and mild flavor. If you’re working with fish that’s farmed in California, try pairing it with a local wine; depending on how it’s prepared sturgeon can pair with both whites, reds and sparkling wines.

For Your Retail Display

If you’re showcasing sturgeon, add a few jars of Caviar to the display. Your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep can suggest a variety of options for any price point.