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A member of the Snapper Family, Ehu is sometimes called “Deep Water Red Snapper”

Available Sporadically Year-Round


Where – Fiji, South Pacific, Hawaii

How – Wild Caught/Longline


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Like many Snappers, Ehu has firm flesh and a mild, delicious flavor. You may find Ehu is a bit more succulent due to a little higher fat content since it lives in deep, cold water.

For Your Menu

Pan sear, grill, saute, bake or roast this delicious snapper – why not pair it with other flavors from the South Pacific like tropical fruits?

For Your Waitstaff

Feel free to compare Ehu to snapper (since it is a snapper), but let customers know it’s a deep water snapper, which gives it a characteristic texture and flavor.

For Your Retail Display

Why not add a beautiful cut orchid or some other tropical decor to your case to highlight Ehu’s South Pacific origins?